Don’t let such a dirty person touch himself.

She’s a girl with her hands tied. I didn’t expect her to do this.
It was so cruel before, but it’s still so cruel now.
It’s all her fault that she was so careless that she was so irrational that she played a little game with her. I didn’t expect to hurt herself now
"Maybe you want me to know that you have martial arts now?" Xie Yina paused to continue "because it was the wind that told me that he gave this soft warp?" He said that if you disappear, you will leave him alone and we will get married. "
What? The wind Jerry Liau turned out to be the wind Jerry Liau was the wind Jerry Liau betrayed himself.
What brings Jerry Liau to lie to her? Didn’t Feng Jerry Liau say that he would love her generation?
What? What lied to her?
"Why? Don’t you believe me? Did the wind teach me that trick just now? Pretend to be afraid that you will kill you again. You know all the details. "
It turns out that everything is Jerry Liau. No wonder she knows that she has martial arts. No wonder she has soft classics. No wonder she lost so badly.
Xia Yi Bing Xin is very painful and gout. Why should Jerry Liau do this to her? What did she do wrong?
What, when she loves him, she lets someone else kill her?
And she was the ruthless miss America when she was a child.
Feng Jerry Liau, what did I do wrong? You’re gonna do this to me?
"I didn’t let you two sisters die in America seven years ago. Today, God helped me meet again and let you hook up."
Did she hook up? She didn’t hook up with Jerry Liau.
The wound hurts, but my heart hurts more at this time. Xia Yibing’s face is as white as a blank sheet of paper.
The blood has been flowing without stopping bleeding, and Xie Yina is even more aggressive in telling the truth.
"Xia Yibing will send you to the Buddhist paradise now."
Xie Yina took out another small bottle. I don’t know what it was.
"Don’t be afraid that your horse will die after this fall."
"You just watch me get married in Jerry Liau."
Laughter is getting bigger and bigger, and Xie Yina is very proud of the wind. Jerry Liau eradicated the wind and Jerry Liau herself won the beauty.
Even if Xia Yibing survived, he would have misunderstood the wind and Jerry Liau, so he could never be together.
It’s a very good plan, but she planned it for a month.
You have to be cruel to get happiness.
You have to be more ruthless to defeat the enemy.
Everything she is also in love with the wind. Jerry Liau is not happy. Xia Yibing can get the favor of the wind and Jerry Liau.
Xia Yibing’s head was a mess, and his head was time with Jerry Liau.
The wind is in my head, and Jerry Liau surprises her.
The wind is in her head, and Jerry Liau dotes on her.
In my head, I also wound myself properly and thoroughly, like Jerry Liau.