"But there are many Poké mon in this place, so let’s catch the second one here." Aaron said that Poké mon eggs seem to be hatching a little? To tell the truth, Aaron doesn’t understand it very well, but Super Dream says that it can more and more clearly sense what kind of guy is inside by relying on the waveguide ability, so it means to hatch quickly.

"But obviously you don’t seem to be interested in those bugs that can be seen everywhere. It’s still very possible for you to catch them if you change to the former words." When I came out of my dream, I said that it was when I was traveling in Chengdu. In Chengdu dialect, Aaron has reduced the recovery efficiency. In Eastern dialect, Aaron feels that he will definitely choose to recover.
"Although I want to collect more Poké mon, I don’t catch everything now." Aaron replied. Speaking of which, what kind of solo trip is this? Super Dream has been staying outside since Aaron was alone. This place is accompanied by a "person"
"Well, are you wondering if I’m interrupting your trip alone?"
"I often wonder if your telepathy has evolved to be able to read people’s minds."
"This is only possible with the consent of the induced party or under some special circumstances. Even I can’t pry into other people’s minds casually. Your words are too easy to see through." Super Dream answered Aaron mercilessly and couldn’t think of any words to refute it, so I simply didn’t refute it.
"Well, if you come out with the teeth of a single-headed dragon and a red-faced dragon now, you will definitely start work without saying anything."
"When did I become a special dragon Poké mon trainer? Speaking of which, you really listed the Dragon Poké mon in Hezhong area as soon as you did. "
"I’m definitely better than memory. People like you who can’t remember what their girlfriend wore the day before yesterday still talk to me about memory?"
"Damn law refutes …" Because it really happened, Aaron couldn’t say anything else …
"Ah, let’s not talk about it first, but it doesn’t look strong at all. I really don’t have any desire to accept it."
"You’re just a Poké mon. Do you really want to accept the same kind?"
"Although I don’t have the ability to transform like a dream, I feel that wearing a cloak and covering my face can pretend to be human."
"No, it will definitely be revealed."
"If you reveal the truth, it will move their memory."
"Sure enough, I still can’t let you come out casually."
In the activity of spitting with Super Dream, Aaron gradually found himself seemingly deviating from the original route again …
"It’s getting farther and farther away from the exit."
"Well … and so on you know you know the export! Why don’t you tell me! "
"No, didn’t you say you wanted to walk through the forest by foot and then without the help of the power of sculpture?"
"It’s okay if you point me in the right direction and feet. If you really want to find out by yourself, what am I doing with a map and navigator in my hand?"
"Oh, I misunderstood. Sorry."
"ah? Oh … Oh, it’s rare for you to apologize so frankly. "
"So that’s the reaction."
"Are you trying my reaction?"
Although I’m not with Xiaoyi and Xiaoyong anymore, Aron’s vomit has not been alleviated as expected.
"Come on, come on, what’s the purpose? Let’s put it aside. What seems to be happening over there?" Super Dream suddenly pointed to the right and said that Aaron couldn’t see anything from here, so he looked in the direction of Super Dream. He walked a short distance and heard what was going on in front. Then he saw a group of centipedes with 100 feet around two lily dolls, one of which was lying on the ground with little trauma, but looking at it, he felt poisoned, while the other lily doll was trembling all over but still opened his hands to block it. Looking at it in front of his companion, I was afraid that tears were spinning in my eyes, but I still didn’t run away. The centipedes were narrowing the encirclement step by step, and the lily root doll still didn’t move. I don’t know if it was the latter because I couldn’t throw my companion away.
"What should I do?"
"Of course, I didn’t see it. Even if I saw it, can I stand by? Although I feel that doing this kind of thing is hindering the normal progress of nature’s food chain, "Aaron said and came out of the grass."
"Hey, don’t bully me more. Let’s play a game with me." Aaron said, the centipede looked at this side when it heard the sound, and sure enough, it just came!
"Thanks to you, Flaming Chicken!" Aaron calls out the flaming chicken. As soon as the flaming chicken comes out, he will open the flaming fist, and then the two fists will be the first to rush and fly.
"The characteristic of the flaming chicken is to avoid melee as much as possible. It may be that the stinger is poisoned and it is always troublesome." Aaron said that the flaming chicken nodded after listening to it, and then the horse rushed over with a hundred centipedes. The flaming chicken repelled a lot as soon as it sprayed a strong flame! The centipede was frightened by this flame. Although it didn’t retreat immediately, the centipedes all showed their timidity and began to retreat slowly. Because it was clear that Aaron’s intention was to go from Aaron’s side to the two lily dolls, the road was clear to the other side, and he was also quite clever. Aaron went to the lily dolls, and the centipede also retreated a little along the way.
"I’m not afraid, there’s no problem." Aaron said, and then he picked up both lily dolls. Then he tried not to stimulate the centipedes to slowly retreat from the original road, and then he slowly retreated with the flaming chicken. This is good news that the centipedes did not catch up further.
"All right, it’s okay." Aaron released two lily root dolls, but it seems that it can’t be said that it’s okay. Now look at the suspected poisoned lily root doll and make sure it’s poisoned and has a bad fever.
"Always try to detoxify first, it should be the centipede poison … Ah, I found it, but it’s not mainly aimed at the grass Poké mon. Forget it, I can’t care so much now." Aaron dug out the medicine from his backpack, which was a mouth-shaped pill. Aaron brought medicine and a kettle to take medicine for the lily root doll. The other one seemed very worried.
"Don’t worry, it’s medicine" always says that Aaron will rest on the spot after taking medicine for Lily Root doll, and he will continue to look at the situation of Lily Root doll. Speaking of places with centipedes, there should be poisonous herbs for centipedes in general, but after joining the special action team, he will no longer display this ability to distinguish herbs. Although Xiaojing taught himself a lot before, he has forgotten about it now. Compared with believing in his vague memory, I still believe that these are not special counterparts, but they are indeed antidote.
After being stationed here for about two hours, the lily root doll fever has finally gone away, and just left for a while, another lily root doll also came back and brought it back. Two Lilligant saw that the lily root doll fever had gone away, and two Lilligant bowed to Aaron as if expressing their gratitude, and then picked up the lily root doll and left.
"Well, it’s for nothing, good old man?"
"Where have you been just now? It’s exhausting to come out now. Speaking of it, it’s the first time to look after the poisoned Poké mon alone … what a trouble …" Aaron said that he laughed when he heard this dream.
"I finally learned that those little girls are suffering. Although you are doing the dirty work of washing towels after Poké mon’s injury, it’s also quite hard for others to stay there. You are physically and mentally exhausted, but your suffering is rewarding this time." Super Dream continued. Then the lily root doll that stood alone in front of the centipedes to protect her companion came back to Aaron’s side?
"hmm? What’s the matter? " Aaron asked with a smile, but Lily Root doll didn’t speak. It seems that she is quite shy.