Curator Zhang winked and Jiang Ping winked, too.

Song Qiaoqiao sent the school magazine to the library as usual.
The new issue of the school magazine published her big article "On the Importance of Students’ Spiritual Civilization Construction in Reform and Opening-up and the Corruption of Some Students’ Spiritual Civilization", which occupied half of the face.
There is a wooden newspaper distribution rack in the hall at the entrance of the library. Usually she puts the school magazine in it.
Today, however, she found that there are already some newspapers on the newspaper rack, and there are a lot of pages printed on newsprint.
She tucked a big pile of school magazines in her armpit and picked up one.
The front is "Catalogue of Newly Arrived Periodicals in Library Week (I)", which occupies two sides and the back …
"What the hell?" Song Qiaoqiao directly said, "Is this an advertisement?"
There’s a lot of blank printing on both sides of the back, so there’s a restaurant on Chuhua Street that will open the day after tomorrow?
This question mark has aroused people’s curiosity, and even Song Qiaoqiao recited this sentence several times in his mind.
Then there are no two sides, just a big word printed.
Song Qiaoqiao was leafing through several students, and a male student pulled out a leaflet.
"wow! I am so touched that the library finally has a new catalogue! "
The male student looked at the front and excitedly pointed to the catalogue and told the female student next to him.
"Our library has been poor for so long, and we haven’t got a catalogue. Look at the new novels here. Go for a walk and hurry to borrow the catalogue. After a while, there will be more people, which will definitely not be available."
Said the two men conveniently turned this page over.
Turning it over, they both cried, "What is this?"
Song Qiaoqiao said coldly, "Hum is quite good at sliver. You are a businessman! Chuhua Street? That’s what reporter Guo and Ji did, right? "
More students gathered around to look at that sentence. Is there a restaurant on Chuhua Street opening the day after tomorrow?
It’s hard not to notice that such a big piece of paper is particularly eye-catching
"What is the restaurant? Why not write? "
A smart-looking girl said, "It’s a gimmick. Don’t you think it arouses people’s curiosity?" If you wrote it, you forgot not to write it, but you remembered which one you would definitely write! "
"Alas, alas, you see there is still a line of fine print at the bottom!"
At the bottom of that line, everyone will see that there is a relatively small print. The daily announcement menu will be given a bottle of soda with the daily announcement page.
"It’s so fun! Are restaurants so advanced now!"
The students smiled and read around and said that they must see which shop is so talented.
"This boss must be a talent."
"I’ll come to the library someday. I have to grab a coupon to see it."
"Soda? Anyway, I have to come to the library early to grab one! "
"You get up early and bring me a …"
Song Qiaoqiao took a glance at Jishu in the distance. In fact, she just noticed her.
She is wearing a long black coat today, and her hair is as black as ink and shiny.
She was introduced by reporter Guo before, and she works in the library at school. I didn’t expect this woman to make a leaflet for the library and advertise in the face. Is this a deliberate slap in the face of the school magazine? !
Song Qiaoqiao smiled and said to himself, "Eating school meals and doing business by yourself? Hum, I will roll over one day! "
JiShu holding hands smiling without a word more not ready to greet Song Qiaoqiao.
Song Qiaoqiao snorted in a low voice. She pushed around the students and put the school magazine on that pile of Xuan pages, then turned around and left.
As soon as she left, the students put the declaration form on the school magazine again. A female student frowned. "What are the students dragging on the school magazine? Who wants to see it? It’s not as interesting as advertising …"
Another female student said, "Ignore her. Let’s bring a leaflet to the dormitory, too."
"Just ignore these people and go to dinner together!"
"Where’s the soda!"
The students laughed and laughed that half of the publicity pages were taken away within ten minutes.
Jishu saw can’t help but corners of the mouth Yang.
Jiang Ping suddenly came over and proudly said to Ji Shu, "Xiaoji, when you opened, I’m going to try it and save a place for me."
"That must be" Ji Shu said with a smile. "The soda tube is full!"
President Zhang is pacing back and forth with erratic eyes.