Evil can Weiner one leng eyes some panic brimming with ferociously cried, "you asked me! I said you were going to kill me again! Do you want to die very much! "

Yang night in the mind also bursts with surprise that the original little girl is Bai Jingjing’s daughter! It turns out that Bai Jingjing entrusted me to find my daughter, which has already been Yang’s! Mom! It turns out that Xiao Nan was used as a conspiracy tool by evil energy Weiner at an early age! Heart hate Yang night long out of breath, face more gloomy bass asked, "I ask you what are you doing to catch my woman? Where are they? "
Evil energy Weiner was stupefied and then burst out laughing, but there was a little bitterness in his smile. "Ha ha ha ha ha! I sent someone to catch the Xia nationality scholar among you!" When talking, the evil energy Weiner resented himself. "I didn’t want to arrest her women, but I was entrusted, but it’s okay, hehe. This also forced you to die!"
Xiazu Xiushi? Yang Ye was surprised at what Xia people were among us. How can the evil energy Weiner be entrusted to take them away? Thinking about Yang Ye’s fists getting tighter and tighter, he tried to suppress and said, "I will kill you if you don’t catch them." He said with a cold voice, "Who entrusted you to catch my woman? Where are they now? "
"I don’t know, I didn’t catch it here again!" When the evil energy Weiner said this, he was emboldened, but he still shirked his meaning. "I am the master of the black domain, and I am the master of the black domain."
"Lord of the black domain?" This can’t help Yang night a surprised even behind him orchid demon chop all seem surprised from the stone.
"The Lord of the Black Domain won’t allow the ghost clan to cultivate officials. Those women are your bait for death. Ha ha ha ha ha ……" Talking evil energy Weiner finally really laughed once.
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Yang night worried and looked at the evil energy Weiner’s eyes and finally fell behind him at the castle gate. I hesitated slightly. Can you believe his words? Maybe they are all castles!
Thinking of this Yang night, I walked towards the evil energy Weiner again, slowly raised the Tibetan blade and said coldly, "Okay, I have no problem. You can die!"
Evil energy Weiner took a look at Yang night and knew that Yang night was really going to start work this time. His heart sank and he looked behind him and he didn’t have the courage to go back or he would die faster! Now, no matter what, we have to fight for it.
So evil energy Weiner suddenly raised his hand, and the guy jumped at the axe in Yang Ye’s hand, and the guy chopped at Yang Ye’s head hard!
Yang night looked up and looked at the evil energy Weiner, and he knew that he was really strong. The evil energy Weiner once made him feel powerful and horrible, but his eyes were so slow that he sometimes thought.
So Yang Ye stayed where he was, and the axe-edged horse was about to cut into his head. Yang Ye stepped back to let the weapon be hacked, and then took advantage of the file and slammed his knees to severely top the evil energy Weinaba.
Evil energy Weiner’s head was "om" at the moment, and he was hit by a huge force and flew backwards, hitting the outer wall of the castle and then falling heavily.
Yang Ye didn’t have anger in his heart before, so he was not allowed to kill this beast easily. He still walked step by step to the ground, and every step was like stepping on the heart of evil energy Weiner.
Fear and struggle, evil energy Weiner staggered and barely got up, touched himself, repeatedly opened his mouth, and then mercilessly scolded, "Well, you are red!" Actually sneak up on me when I attack! "
Yang night almost laughed with anger, but didn’t stop to continue walking at evil energy Weiner.
Evil energy Weiner hesitated, roared all over, raised his hand and put it into his chest. It was true that all five fingers were inserted into the flesh, and then he took out his hand and wiped the blood on his cheeks, left and right, and his forehead. Instead of continuing to bleed, the chest wound showed a black and green trace spreading around the wound.
"Let you see my evil clan!" Evil can Weiner roar loud raised his hand guy pouncing on Yang night again.
This time, the speed is really much faster. In a blink of an eye, Yang Ye knows that evil can Weiner cast witchcraft on himself, and he has a guard against it and easily escaped this reflexivity, which is a punch.
The speed of this punch made evil energy Weiner blindsided, so he couldn’t avoid setting up an arm to block a small arm. Yang Ye’s fist collided firmly together, and evil energy Weiner felt half of his body was limp and numb, and he tried his best to sweep his head at Yang Ye with his other hand.
Yang night coldly looked at the evil energy Weiner crouching to avoid this, and then his left arm drew an arc from fierce to forward!
The red light flashed across the evil energy Weiner’s limp and numb arm, which completely lost consciousness-he had left home without hesitation and flew away from his body.
Evil can Weiner one leng and then scream and jump out. He is now white and absolutely no match for Yang Night. In a few days, Yang Night has become so terrible! The only way … Run!
So the evil energy Weiner turned and ran to the castle gate at an amazing speed, faster than when he just attacked Yang night!
Yang Yegang was about to jump and chase him, but he was stopped by the blue demon chop behind him.
Yang Yehui turned to Lan Yaochop and said in a low voice, "Be careful with the red dagger. Evil can Weiner is absolutely incapable of recreating evil goblins. I think there must be greater danger and power in this castle."
Chapter one hundred and ninety "Head shot again after cutting off"
The evil energy Weiner escaped into the castle, and the open castle door was dark, with a faint chill and an indescribable smell of terror.