Wang Haidong walked into the hotel to decorate, which was not particularly luxurious, but also relatively clean.

This Sichuan hotel takes the civilian route. It is quite good for two people to eat at 70 yuan, but five or six people can eat at 200 to 300 yuan.
Being led to the private room, Wang Haidong looked at Jin Pang and ZhangHaoGu who were sighing inside. Anyway, the dishes on the table didn’t move at all. This is strange. According to these two personalities, it is impossible to be so quiet. There are three or five dishes missing while eating and waiting for food. Right.
Wang Haidong took one look at the two men and sat down and said, "What’s the matter with you, Mr. Kim? You and Boss Zhang are not giving me a banquet?"
Jin Pang sighed and said, "Wang Zhanggui, to tell you the truth, I just got a message that the Huilongguan antique market is going to be demolished at the most. At the end of the year, it must be a hand."
It doesn’t look like a fake Wang Haidong’s expression. "I didn’t get the news, but I heard that the children’s park is going to build a larger community. What are we going to do here?"
Jin Pang said morosely, "I heard that there is a developer in the Children’s Park, and people from Zhejiang are contracting. It seems to be called Taishan Real Estate, which is in a golden position in the river city center and has a side of Huancheng River Park, so a commercial center is to be built.
Tell me about this time to get out such a thing. Where will our antique market go after that? "
ZhangHaoGu is also very worried to say, "It is impossible to recover from this demolition in five years. Our popularity will be good when the time comes. Anyway, everyone has two old customers and it is the same to go to the provincial capital."
But these street vendors are not so lucky. It is really difficult for them to find another place. "
What is the most important thing in an antique market? Of course, the level of antique shops is the standard to measure the prosperity of an antique market.
But at this time, those antique vendors who set up stalls are also a measure of an antique market. This is the high popularity, and the influence of this antique market will be high. The antique market has a history of more than 200 years.
From the Qing Dynasty, it was an antique scattered place in Jiangliucheng. Up to now, it can be said that there is no more history and influence in Fiona Fang than Huilongguan antique market. However, this relocation has a considerable impact on the popularity of Huilongguan antique market.
On weekdays, whether selling antiques or buying antiques, I inquired about Huilongguan and went straight here.
No matter where you are in the river city, if you stop a taxi and say I’m going to Huilongguan, the driver will know where to take you. This is the card effect.
After the demolition, it really greatly affected the popularity.
Wang Haidong thought for a moment and said, "I don’t have a better way to talk about it later. Anyway, it’s not our own business. Then we will have other ways to deal with so many people in our antique market. Can’t we ignore it? If you want to tear down our house, let’s talk about whether the compensation can satisfy me or not. I’ll see who dares to tear down my house. "
Although Wang Haidong doesn’t like to throw its weight around, he won’t be afraid if anyone bullies the door. This is why the Wangs have the confidence to see Wang Haidong’s self-humiliation and good looks, and of course he has such confidence.
Even if the whole Huilongguan is torn down, who dares to touch Jubaoge without Wang Haidong’s signature?
Wang Haidong suddenly stare blankly at this time said, "no, Mr. Kim, this thing and what do you have? Isn’t Xia Guangshan the manager of your house auction house? Your boss is not in a hurry. What are you doing in a hurry? Besides, I heard that your existing home is rented, demolished and what do you have? "Wang Haidong also knew when he was in the house auction industry, and he followed his grandfather Chen Dalong to the scene at that time.
Jin Pang gave a wry smile. "Xia Guangshan is the manager of our house auction company. Actually, he doesn’t care much about this house auction house. He came to check the accounts twice a year in the river city.
Manager Xia’s main business is the sea, not the river, so I am in charge of most things here, and manager Xia is just passing by.
Moreover, we have already bought the house by Hanhai Auction Company, which is why we are worried that we will take over it next month and have it with us at this time. Moreover, if I don’t handle this matter properly, I guess it will be cleaned up. "
Wang Haidong pondered and said, "What are you two doing here? What are the good solutions? Let’s hear it."
Wang Haidong certainly doesn’t want Huilongguan antique market to be demolished, but since he is an official, he also knows that things have been settled, so it is impossible to change at this time.
Without thinking about it, ZhangHaoGu said, "We are going to form a large art company in conjunction with several relatively powerful antique shops. In this way, with the support of Hanhai auction house and the supply of our antique shops, this art company will surely make a fortune."
And at this time, in the face of problems, we can work together to solve them, and we will be divided by people alone. "
Although this is a last-minute attention, it has to be said that it is a rare way.
Wang Haidong’s eyes sparkled with cunning light, and his fingers kept banging on the desktop, and he said to himself, "It’s clear to me when you discuss it, and I also know that this method is good and easy to handle, but you are digging a hole for me to jump in. You said that if I don’t nod and sign, who will touch my Jubaoge casually? I’ll let my uncle Xiao check his ancestors for ten generations."
Uncle Xiao of Wang Haidong Xiao Qingqiu, deputy director of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Wang Haidong’s father are comrades in arms.
It is because Wang Haidong is so powerful behind this that Jin Pang and ZhangHaoGu are planning to pull Wang Haidong in.
ZhangHaoGu, after all, is better than Wang Haidong. He said awkwardly, "Haidong is almost the same meaning, but you can’t support the whole Huilongguan antique market yourself. If we set up an art company, we can also develop faster later. My joint Jinyutang and Shangzhen Pavilion are all powerful shops."
There is no point in not giving Wang Haidong to the art company.
Wang Haidong said on reflection, "It’s not impossible if I’m allowed to participate. I have two requirements that the members of the company must strictly select their own houses to participate. Jinyutang and Shangzhen Pavilion are qualified."
Second, I want to hold 40% of the shares, and you have to make sure that when you sell your shares, I give priority. You can’t sell your antiques to others until I sign off. "
These two conditions are relatively harsh. The first one is good to say. After all, the purpose of everyone’s joint efforts is to deal with demolition. The second one is a bit strict. If Wang Haidong wants to hold shares, it will have priority to buy them.
If all this is written into the contract, then this company is almost the Wangs.
At this time, Jin Pang thought for a moment and said, "Wang Zhanggui, isn’t this a bit harsh? You want 40% and we have nothing to do with holding, which is also a loss for our interests."
Wang Haidong snorted. "What’s your mind? My heart is white, and you want me to stand out, but if you pay the price, I can’t offend people for no reason. Although we are familiar with it, we haven’t reached the point where we can’t meet difficulties and draw out a sword to help each other."
I don’t want absolute control, but I want relative control. If you don’t promise me, I won’t force these things. I really didn’t look at them.
It’s just a justified excuse. If I weren’t the owner of an art company, how would you get ahead? It’s also a kind of wealth. I want 40%, which is the bottom line. Otherwise, I directly ask for 51%. If you don’t agree, forget it. "