"Take her away. The king doesn’t want to see her." Yan Gui marched past her and walked in.

Soon a handmaiden will stop MuWanting Road.
No matter whether she is screaming like a child outside or being taken away, Yan returned to the house but ignored her
Mingshou soon cried when he saw this scene, calling his mother princess, but flurry still took him away to the guards.
The princess will come back, and the child will naturally be given to others. Although this is not the princess’s own, it will not be called the family to carry it all the time.
(Several winds all know the origin of Shouan)
Yan returned to the front yard of your house for a while and then went to the back yard.
The main courtyard is naturally not going to Chuyinyuan.
No one has lived here for a long time. Naturally, it is dilapidated, even if the outside door is different from the new one.
When Yan Gui sighed and walked away, Mianmian could not bear to say that everything here was his or her resettlement, but now she can’t live in it. If Mu Shi doesn’t, it must be coming back, but it is not appropriate to drive her away now.
After all, there is nothing to see after watching a circle.
It seems that the roses in the garden are still taken care of, after all, there is no grass, so a few flowers are not very lush, right?
Yan Gui doesn’t want to stay and stride out.
Mingshou was taken to the palace first, and the crying stopped, but he was shivering with fear.
Yan Gui frowned when he met him. Is this child in poor health? He also can’t see that he is afraid to think of Ming Anna and dare to do anything. This is even more unpopular.
"Tell cure too much to show him how he is."
The high wind answered and sent for a doctor too.
Tell Su Mian to send someone to get ready soon before Yan returns home.
When Suo Gongsun Su came back, she was almost ready.
I looked at this mansion with my baby in my arms, and I wanted to laugh in my heart. I didn’t think it would take five or six years so soon, did I? It can be said that nature has tricked people.
When a group of people set off from the northwest, the people lined the streets to see each other off, shouting that the princess was a thousand years old but never saying goodbye to the queen mothers.
The emperor didn’t even worship. What about these women?
All the way out of the northwest, this time I took the waterway along the river, but I arrived in Yanjing City in two days.
Yan Gui waited outside the city early to see them coming. She smiled and said, "Mother Princess and Mianmian have worked hard," but she also had to visit the Empresses.
Empress Pei looked at him and frowned gently.
"Don’t go back to the office hard, your son is sleepy." Su Mian smiled and handed Ming ‘an to Yan Gui.
"Dad sleeps" Ming ‘an is so sleepy that he was woken up when he fell asleep just now.
"Good sleep" Yan to hold him tight.
Ming’ an just fell asleep on her shoulder.
"Living in the Palace" Yan Gui Xiao Dui Su Miandao
Su Mian leng is satisfied, but there is also a MuWanting in the house. This will not be a few years ago. Now that she has met MuWanting, she is estimated to strangle her and grab his child!
After the party went back to the palace, an unexpected person asked to see Yan Gui.
It’s really being thrown into the palace, Queen Mother Soong.
After Yan Gui gently raised his eyebrows, Su Mian laughed. "I haven’t seen the Empress Dowager for many years, so should I visit the sovereign concubine with you?"
Yan Gui, um, handed the child to indigo naturalis and Fang Mammy and took Su Mian to mothering Palace.