The old man looked puzzled and twisted his silver beard to think.

This information reported that Cheng Xiao was quiet for 16 days in a row, but after the seventeenth day, he vandalized the house and smashed it to the ground, making a loud noise.
This abnormal behavior made the old man feel suspicious.
The old man looked around and read the records in and out of it. When he sat up straight, he suddenly stood up from his chair, and his eyes were round with beads.
There is no record.
But that’s exactly the problem.
On that day, he happened to pass by and saw Xun Xiu’s figure coming out of the main entrance of the mansion.
The old man was ordered to appease Cheng Xiao when Xun Xiu was at the beginning, or it was doubtful that the main entrance was aboveboard for other things.
at present
An idea flashed through the old man’s mind quickly
Is Xun Xiu also Ji Fanqi?
This thought made the old man look dignified.
In my mind, I recall that some suspicious behaviors that Xun Xiu showed in recent years were quickly decomposed and analyzed in the old man’s mind
Finally, the old man’s face roared out on the spot "It happens! ! ! Come, I want to write a secret for the master. Since Xun Xiu is so, Yangzhou Jia Wen and I estimate that there is something fishy. Otherwise, it will not be in Yuzhou World War I. "
The old man was shocked when he figured it out and looked solemn after the festival.
If it weren’t for the chance, I’m afraid Ji Fan would have won Jingzhou and Yangzhou in one fell swoop after he was well prepared, and it’s just around the corner that most of his strength can be guaranteed to unify the whole country without blowing off dust.
Suddenly feel a cold sweat has come out.
After all these years, I can’t believe I just know Xunxiu’s identity now.
A letter from the old man ""
Ji Fanran didn’t know that his card had been knocked off by others. At this moment, he received the news that everything was ready in those cities.
JiFan with a pale smile.
This battle!
He will win or lose a game!
Xun You in Jingzhou has left, but Cheng Xiao hasn’t. Xun You has prepared everything for Fang Tianhua’s death.
Then Cheng Xiao quickly transferred members of the Royal Security Intelligence Department with a warrant from Xun You.
Seven years ago, they sneaked into Jingzhou to change their identities. Seven years’ hard work of being an official in Jingzhou enabled some of them to successfully enter Jingzhou’s top management, holding a lot of power.
Although Cheng Xiao is under house arrest and under surveillance, it is still easy for him to leave quietly.
Yu Yangzhou
After years of operation in Jiawen, he controlled 70% of Yangzhou’s senior staff.
If Ji Fan gives the order, the management of Yangzhou will be instantly framed, and then the army will be under pressure to control Yangzhou.
Ten days later Fang Tianhua arrived outside Chang ‘an.
Ji Wu and Ji Fan have already arrived.
Two people look very calm calm abnormal.
Everyone noticed that the atmosphere around two people was a little heavy.
Ji Wu, Ji Fan and Fang Tianhua all know that grievances are clear from now on.
Fang Tianhua looked around. Jiwu and Jifan had already chosen a place to camp.
Both of them chose Fangfang Tianhua, whose terrain was relatively high, smiled sadly for a while, then converged and smiled at Xun Xiu and said, "Let’s camp and I’ll go and have a look."
For a moment Fang Tianhua walked past with the same expression.
There are tens of thousands of foot soldiers around, staring at the development of the situation here.
The right hand was soaked with sweat and held the weapon tightly.
They are ready to fight a war.
Fang Tianhua’s expression walked past and naturally followed thousands of foot soldiers and hundreds of cavalry tightly behind him.
Two people looking at each other into three people looking at each other.
The scene is very strange!
This situation lasted for more than 20 minutes, and Fang Tianhua, Ji Wu and Ji Fan burst out laughing uncharacteristically when some foot soldiers could not bear the depressing atmosphere.
Laughter is fake!
It’s the kind that anyone can see.
Fang Tianhua stopped first, and his eyes sparkled with strange light.
Fang Tianhua said to himself, "This JiFan has changed a lot in recent years."
"Ha ha, it’s been a long time since you two met. I’ve missed you for five years!" Fang Tianhua said with a fake smile that it’s been a long time, and he still gnashed his teeth and increased his tone.
JiWu expression nodded his head.
Ji Wu really dislikes Fang Tianhua and nodded to give her a face.
Fang Tianhua doesn’t mind because he never takes Ji Wu seriously. He cares about Ji Fan.
Ji Fan looked at Fang Tianhua with a strange expression and said, "I heard that you like to enjoy life with your woman in the moonlight. It’s not bad!"
Fang Tianhua’s face suddenly turned livid, pale and sauce purple.
Various colors appeared in Fang Tianhua’s face one by one.