"But that guy is not the worst Wan’er do you remember Gongye family? That family in the bright moon province of Chu-that man is really fierce. He took the Gongye family with seven S-class and thousands of younger brothers. "

"Ha ha! Surprised, huh? I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news! In this world, there is another person who is as fascinated as my teacher. "
"-and I’m famous for that miracle dragon in the five-side young dragon, but he is much better than the one I told you before, not strength but wisdom."
"Ha ha! Don’t worry, Wan’er, I won’t lose to him! Although he may be the strongest among us, he doesn’t have a good teacher like me and Sibai, and he is also the weakest of the three of us. "
"Speaking of which, the abilities of the three major gods are all together now. I really don’t know that the three major gods will only appear when they are important-"
"But it should be soon! Wan’er, wait a few more years and I will let you see the light of day. "
"Little master!"
Before the porridge in the bowl was completely scooped up, a call rang suddenly.
The young man’s smile is like melting ice and snow, and it is like never disappearing in general. When he frowned and looked back, he was as indifferent as before.
"What is it?"
Cold and emotional sound.
The young man spat out across from him, and a man in black was the one who had previously kept outside the cave gate.
"Little master! Just now, the old master sent someone over there to say that he was looking for you. "I noticed that the youth language was always unhappy and the black man’s head was lower and lower."
"Is there anything urgent? If not, say I don’t have it now! "
"The man said that the old master had something for you to do and it was a horse!"
"–I know!"
After a long silence, the young man finally got up and was about to turn away when his figure suddenly stagnated. When the young man turned around, the girl was clutching his sleeve tightly with one hand, and the hand was shaking and the muscle spasm was almost visible to the naked eye. Obviously, the girl was suffering from the great pain caused by those chains just now.
Looking at the ghost-faced girl’s pleading eyes, the young man’s face suddenly turned blue and white, and suddenly he gritted his teeth to split the whole left sleeve and never turned back to the wind to fly to the exit.
Soon the whole lake was quiet again, and the girl named Wan’er still clung to the half sleeve in her tearful hands.
When I came from Blissful Peak, Jiang Xiaoyi’s head was already dizzy.
Early in the morning, as soon as he returned to Langshan with Tianhua Zhenren, he was summoned to the summit of the next day by Zhang Jiao Zhenren. After half a day, Ma was invited by the Chang Elders’ Group to report on his work. Of course, he couldn’t stop by afterwards to visit Zhenren Qingfeng, who has been resting in Blissful Peak all the year round, so he spent the whole day on these two peaks.
When I was in charge of teaching real people, it was better. In addition to officially receiving the second position, I explained the situation over there in a bright moon, but most of the time I still put it on the property outside Gongye’s home.
When he arrived at the Presbyterian church, it was not so much a debriefing as a questioning, which made him wish he could raise his mouth and head more to explain himself. Only then did he know how much he owed Qingfeng.
In Tianquemen, all the second high-level positions need to be taught by real people, and the names of the top five elders, Santang and Waitang are approved by the Chang Presbyterian Group, and then they need to be recognized by real people.
But in the Presbyterian Church, the person who was malicious to him was so affectionate that he could still pass the motion of ordering him to be a member of the Presbyterian Church. I have to say that this is Lai Qingfeng’s real person and his prestige accumulated all the year round in the Presbyterian Church, which makes most people in the Presbyterian Church reluctant to die.
It’s no wonder that other people will have a good impression on him. After all, if the two sides don’t have the slightest Qingfeng reality, it’s not necessary for him to be furious and expel his younger brother from Blissful Peak for reflection on the spot.
However, since visiting Qingfeng’s real person, Jiang Xiaoyi has denied that what the Presbyterian elder said to him when he met him in particular was all ordinary words, and he also taught his ordinary brother that he would do his best to make him a bright moon, mostly out of public interest.
But this does not mean that Jiang Xiaoyi is not grateful to the real person of Qingfeng. On the theory that the old man who is about to Du Jie has helped him a lot, it is of great significance to him and his family.
Sitting in a box-type cable car halfway up the mountain, there is no more Gangfeng and the sun’s true fire. You can go directly to the Shentong Mountain after the elixir, but at this moment, Jiang Xiaoyi took another cable car and went straight to Tianyuan Peak.
At this moment, Jiang Xiao didn’t know it was because of the sudden rise in his heart that this idea had brought his fate to another direction.
When he got out of the cable car, the white jade disc in front of him left a year ago. The second thing is that it was already dark at this time, which was reduced by a thousand times. Most of the areas in the campus were dark except the dormitory area and leisure area or the lights, but Jiang Xiao could still see the small black spots walking on those roads according to his eyesight.
Eyes overflow with nostalgia. Ginger smiles and walks into the white jade disc after a little hesitation.
Guarding the door, those mountain patrol brothers have changed new people, but the entrance examination is surprisingly strict, even after he has been identified, but this is also in Jiang Xiaoyi’s expectation. If the management of Taoist Law School doesn’t learn from it, Tianquemen will be in a really worrying situation.
When he walked into the campus, Jiang Xiaoyi hid his face from the illusion at the first time. Although all the students in the college had graduated from the fifth grade, there were still many people in the college who knew him. Jiang Xiaoyi came here to see and cherish the life of the former college. He didn’t want to cause a sensation in the city because of his arrival.
This is not that he thinks highly of himself, but that’s the truth.
Born into a humble family, but before graduation, he personally killed a quasi-S-class master, several hundreds of B-class demons in the golden state.
When I was only 16 years old, I was promoted to the then-elixir level, which not only made the Gongye family lose face a year ago, but also held a secondary branch of Tianjuemen.
Although he was absolutely weak and defeated, the news that Gongye’s family was officially given the second place by Tianquemen was estimated that he was not in the college yet, but those deeds in front of him were enough to make him stay in the school all day. The younger generation was the idol of these students in the college.
In fact, as early as when he was still in college, there were such signs.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-three Month
Magic face and wearing a black armor to cover a set of school ginger, some security personnel walked into the campus in awe.
First, I visited places I often visited before, such as Jinhulou Restaurant, and the library of the college. He spent most of his four years in the college here, and then fourth area, the training ground, tried to guide Shen Yingxiong and Li Daotong to practice hard here and beat them up. Even when they were sexually deep, they couldn’t help but smile a little.
I saw a lot more students in the college all the way, but Jiang Xiaoyi was not surprised by the expansion plan of law school. He already knew from there, and even in the three years when the college was closed, the enrollment did not stop. It was a temporary transfer of personnel to teach and the teaching venue was temporarily changed to the mountain, so there was no student fault
It is the quality of these students that surprised him a little.
Because Jiang Xiao, the blood vessel, is inclined to the mind class according to the illusion, it is not the light and shadow effect that changes the face, but the mind suggestion that makes people deviate from his image, which is not affected by the environmental image force and the response is extremely low
However, this kind of illusion also has great limitations, because it depends on the level of the other party’s cultivation, and the lower the level of spiritual strength, the greater the deviation in people’s minds, while the higher the cultivation, the smaller the image, so this kind of illusion is handy for ordinary people and the effect of those who look more extreme is difficult to be worse.
Although I don’t want to admit it, Jiang Xiao’s appearance is indeed a little more beautiful than that of a woman. No matter how hard it is to cover up the illusion, it suggests that the appearance is not much better. And although I didn’t recognize his true identity, I also looked askance at his appearance. This is obviously because Jiang Xiao’s illusion has been discounted, but these students are really not to be underestimated.
After coming out of the fourth district, it was the Sany dormitory in the third district. When it was separated by a year, the dormitory near here was temporarily set up to prevent the monster beast. The outside of the dormitory has been demolished and the old days have been restored. You can hear the words of Lieshan Wenying and Shuhuaiyuan in the courtyard from a distance. It seems that they are talking about his topic from time to time with a few chuckles.
Sighed Jiang Xiaoyi finally gave up the idea of going in and looking at it, but when he turned around, a figure suddenly jumped into his field of vision, which made him feel uneasy. The familiar blue head was also dressed in a school, which gave him an illusion that time seemed to have returned to a year ago.
"Long time no see!"
People strolled slowly to his front face with a warm jade smile as before. "Remember that I practiced telepathy according to the method you taught me, but this time I didn’t feel that you had regressed until I approached 30 meters. Oh, laugh!"
Jiang Xiaoyi smiled bitterly at the smell speech. Just now, he regarded this man as an ordinary student, but it is also worth testing the fact that he neglected the precautions because he was immersed in his memory a few years ago-but these are not important!
"month? Why are you here? " Speaking at the same time, Jiang Xiao’s eyebrows are full of false smiles. At the moment, he wanted to take a walk here before graduation, but the idea made him meet the characters he had missed for a long time really surprised him.
"Should I ask this sentence?"
Hidden hands chest a face of pick up a smile "I’ve heard oh ~ ~ ~ you this guy is already a seat! I really don’t know what makes Ah Xiao’s head look like a big family like Gongye, but it’s really a shame that you broke down so easily. You are the youngest of these people who graduated this year, but now your status achievements have made us seniors look up, which really makes me wonder how to face you! Should I call you a junior or a second-time adult? That’s right I also heard that you are going to attack Liangyuan and Lieshan Dongcheng with Teacher Wei recently, and there is some friction. Why do you sometimes appear here at this time? "
"I just came from Blissful Peak and wanted to walk around the college." Jiang Xiaoyi turned to the dormitory where he lived for four years behind him with a wry smile. "I miss those days very much! But you shouldn’t be feeling inferior when you say those words just now, should you? "
"Inferiority? Well, well. This guy is still as annoying as before. "Shui is very eloquent and patted his forehead", but what a coincidence! I have something to do when I go back to the mountain gate this time, and I want to come back here before graduation just like you. It’s really a pleasant surprise to meet you unexpectedly. "
"I’m very busy this time. I heard that you are also very busy, so I don’t want to bother you. But since I met you here-"Shui’s eyes are cold ",then Ah Xiao will fight with me! I really want to know how far you have been called the Five-sided Young Dragon! "
"Senior Moon, do you have something on your mind?" Jiang Xiaoyi frowned. Although Shui Shui concealed it well, his eyebrows brushed over the sad color when he spoke just now, but he still didn’t escape his eyes.
"What’s on your mind? There is! And it’s with Shu Li. "Shui Yue sighed and the figure flashed and disappeared in the same place." Ah Xiao, if you want to know, then make track for it! "
Shu Li? What happened to him?
Ginger smile in accordance with the pupil suddenly a shrink in the direction of hidden body disappeared disease after go to.
At this time, in the courtyard of Sany dormitory, the smell of Ying is wondering, raising his head and looking into the distance with a pair of beautiful eyes, where it is hidden and ginger smiling.
"What’s the matter, Wen Ying?" Next to LanBiXia looked at a face of strange asked, "what have you been looking at since just now?
God? "