The waves took the teacup, moistened it, pretended to cough for two times, and said slowly, "The special ability can’t be said but the endurance is stronger than others-hold on!"

At midnight, the glass shoes chuckled and laughed. "When will the battle start?"
The waves said, "You can’t get ready to fight together until everyone is here."
At this time, the door rang gently for two midnight glass shoes and said, "It’s time for beauty again. I’ll go to the door …"
This time, three young ladies came in. One is a tall and temperament Leng Yan model, and the other is a plump and beautiful woman. The other is a small and exquisite oxygen beauty.
Tall temperament Miss Leng Yan wears a loose red sweater and covers her hips. A pair of straight and slender legs are wrapped in black tights. Leng Yan is exquisite and aggressive. A pair of pointed high-heeled legs set off her tall figure and extraordinary temperament. Almost people dare not stare at her. She is taller than the average man, and she will have a sense of oppression on men. But it is definitely a great pleasure for men to be able to crush such a proud Leng Yan beauty!
When a plump lady enters the room, she smiles first. Her skin color is white and delicate, showing a youthful, healthy and ruddy color. There is a shallow red mole on the left corner of her mouth, which adds a few charm and sultry amorous feelings to her. She smiles, and there will be two shallow dimples on both cheeks, which makes people fascinated. Remember that her figure is plump, not fat. Plump and fat are definitely not a concept. If obese women are not too fat, some people will like this alternative, but most men will accept plump women, although they say yes. There is a saying that riding a fat horse is a lean woman, but a plump woman is more delicious. (This friendship shows that a thin woman can’t be crushed to the bone. It is suggested that the front should be flat and the legs should be divided vigorously. If you are plump, it is best to press down and enjoy the pleasure of warm and fragrant nephrite.
That small and exquisite oxygen beauty seems to be silent, but her eyes are the most fascinating. After entering the room, she doesn’t talk or smile. She just glances at the waves and silently smells at the back. She is wearing a light green scarf with blue white spots. She is thin and timid, like a beautiful girl who has just put a flower bud on the street. Occasionally, a little melancholy will make you cherish and want her to relieve her worries. But her thin and timid imagination is the most exciting thing for men to trample her hard.
As soon as these three women came in, a Leng Yan, a smile and a silence, and Leng Yan, the beautiful woman, were arrogant, charming and silent. The two beautiful women were fat and thin, with their own characteristics and customs.
All these women have reached a certain level, which can also be said to be the highest level in do miss.
Big sound and sparse pictographic explanation is the greatest joy, but it sounds loud, but the biggest image is invisible. If the scene is closed, it means that these three ladies are not like miss!
Unlike Miss Miss, you can say that tall Leng Yan is a model, you can say that plump is a salesgirl of high-end brand counters in shopping malls, and you can say that small and exquisite is a salesgirl of mobile phone counters, but you just don’t like to sell them!
The waves can admire such beautiful women in their hearts, and they can also attract 10% turn heads when they walk along the street at ordinary times. It is rare to see a woman who is now in a small room, and he is enjoying herself. This is waiting for pleasure! This is waiting for chic!
After the three ladies entered the door, Miss Leng Yan, who was arrogant, greeted the waves with a slight pick at the corners of her mouth. Then she found a place to sit by herself and paid no attention to the waves. If other guests saw this young lady’s rudeness, they would be furious and angry. But this young lady had received special training, and she knew best that when she saw the waves, have it both ways knew that the waves were not ordinary clients, but had personality and ability. It was the most important thing for a man to look for a woman with personality and unique taste, not a sex slave, to respect her personality.
Instead of being angry, the waves nodded with a smile.
The plump lady smiled and bowed to the waves, smiling and saying, "Hello, Brother Hai!"
The waves waved their hands and smiled. "Okay, please sit down, too."
Miss Fengman bowed again before sitting down with respect and courtesy.
The small and exquisite oxygen beauty lady looked at the waves with big talking eyes. Although her mouth didn’t speak, her eyes seemed to say, "Can I sit?"
The waves did not speak, and their eyes smiled at her and blinked, saying, "You can sit down, too."
That small and exquisite oxygen beauty lady really understood the meaning in the eyes of the waves. She found a sofa and sat down meekly. She looked at the waves with clear and bright eyes.
There are six beautiful ladies in the existing house, all of whom have extraordinary temperament, and each has its own characteristics.
They can be said to be their best skills from entering the room and performing separately, which is also a must-have skill for men! This is the essence of their hard work, which can be said to be unfavorable and victorious. Of course, this is to train them to strengthen their advantages according to their own physical characteristics. This advantage is highlighted to the extreme. If they have to dress up as another expression and another type, it is not impossible, but it may still be excellent, because they are trained to pretend to be a tiger, a dragon and an empress, and they must never act like prostitutes.
Although these six women are somewhat bohemian on the surface, they can all see that the waves are not the cruel and proud color of the good generation’s brow. He is a cruel lover, so he dare not sit on the sofa too casually before, and then look at the waves and talk to them.
The waves smiled with a heavy face, as cold as a cold star, and their eyes swept the field.
Everywhere in his eyes, every woman who comes into contact with his eyes feels a fierce force in her heart, which makes them silent and dare not take a bite. At the same time, she thinks to herself, "This is the real man. It’s really manly! Tough! Poison! Handsome! "
The waves saw their eyes as a deterrent and smiled again.
When his face fell, all six young ladies felt oppressed and out of breath. Now he smiled in Zhan Yan, but it was like the spring breeze blowing too much and the willows brushed the lake. He couldn’t say it gently, and he couldn’t say it chic, which made people feel friendly.
The waves laughed. "I’m not a tyrant. If I don’t engage in dictatorship, everyone can speak enthusiastically and enliven the atmosphere. Don’t all look at me and don’t talk. If you look at me, it’s not fun for all of us to stare at each other!"
After the waves said that the ladies relaxed, the three ladies introduced their names to the waves first, and then Song Ping, who is quite a big sister, spoke on behalf of everyone. "We have all heard about the heroic deeds of Haige for a long time. Today, Haige can let us feel the heroic spirit of Haige at close range! Can you tell us another thing that you will never forget? "
The waves smiled and said, "The most unforgettable thing? Ok, I will tell you a story I told a few years ago! "
He reached for the teacup to moisten his voice, but the midnight glass shoes were waiting for the clever man. Someone grabbed the teacup before him and sent it to his mouth.
The waves thanked me with their eyes and drank a cup before coughing and saying, "This is the most unforgettable and embarrassing thing for me. When I was twelve years old, I went from my hometown to a martial arts school in the city to study martial arts. That martial arts school is also very famous. The training was very strict and tiring! But there are also relaxing times when we can move freely every Sunday night. The story is that on a Sunday, several brothers took me to the shampoo room to find a lady … "
Midnight glass shoes interjected, "You are only twelve years old. Go and call a lady?"
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Nine beauties
The waves laughed. "When I was twelve years old, it was the hazy period of sex. When I was curious about that kind of thing, my brothers were all soft." I was curious when I was young. They took me to the shampoo room outside the martial arts school. There were many real haircuts outside the shampoo room, and few of them came to do those things. We came to the shampoo room with three young ladies. There were four of us. A brother may be the first time to come. I was embarrassed to wash my hair first. Oh, I forgot to mention that I had to wash my hair before I did that, so I could receive two dollars. The young lady who washed my hair seemed to be ten years old. She deliberately * * touched me when I washed my hair … I still remember that feeling.
Midnight glass shoes smiled and said, "That girl must be very beautiful!" "
"no!" The waves shook their heads and said, "She is beautiful in my memory, but when I think about it carefully, she is not beautiful and she is one of those gaudy girls with small eyes and not bright eyes, but two tiger teeth are beautiful. Haha, do you know what I did that night?"
Xiaomei smiled and said, "Do you want to say it? I must have lost my virginity! "
"No!" The waves said, "I made an oath that night that I must marry this girl!" "