I’d rather not say so, but I looked at Xiao Yun next to me and then at Ning Qing on the other side. "Xiao Yun’s sister, let’s make a notarization. To be fair, who is more handsome, Xiao and I?"

"Of course, my little brother is the most handsome!" Ning Qing waved her little fist without giving her brother a face. "My little brother is the most handsome man in the sky!" " Say that finish, he also hurriedly hugged his little arm, raised his face and pursed his mouth with a look of taking credit.
I’d rather ignore the little girl’s disobedience and give Xiao Yun a wry smile. "What do you think?"
Xiao Yun is very objective. "There is no doubt that you are more handsome."
I’d rather nod my head and listen to Xiao Yun before I speak. "But I don’t like handsome men."
I’d rather be hit hard at once and say with a wry smile, "You’re not in such a hurry to draw a line."
Xiao Yun smiled a little sly. "Of course, we should draw a line or my boyfriend will be jealous."
I’d rather grind my teeth in my heart. "Well, I’ll ask you again, who is more eloquent, me or the younger two?" Who is more knowledgeable and who has better manners? "
Xiao Yun did not shy away from saying, "On eloquence, you once spoke in Kan Kan at the World Debate Conference of 10,000 people, and you also spoke at the highest international economic summit in public; On the knowledge that you have spent three years traveling around the world and drifting alone in the most sinister Amazon river; On grace, you accepted it as a set of aristocratic standards, etiquette and access are all places of celebrities. In what way, small is obviously not your opponent. "
I’d rather have sparkling eyes, confidence and self-injury. "In that case, why do you like him instead of me?"
Xiao Yun smiled and didn’t talk, but quietly took the small hand.
Watch your head and suddenly think of the rule of natural selection, the strange custom that natural selection’s female brother must marry the door owner. I feel a little bad in my heart, but I didn’t shake my hand. Xiao Yun noticed that I was biting my teeth. A soft and creamy jade palm tightly held my little finger and wanted to force it, but I couldn’t shake it anymore.
I’d rather be depressed for ten seconds and then quickly adjust and say, "Who do you think if the average girl sees me and Yan Xiaohui?"
Xiao Yun’s mouth said, "Of course it’s you." But his hand held the little one tighter.
I’d rather laugh immediately. "Well, thank you for your kind words. I’m going to compete with Yan Xiao today. It’s picking up girls!" He paused and added to Ning Qing and Xiao Yun, "Picking up girls is a man’s business, so don’t follow this time."
I’d rather be skilled in driving through the streets. This area is not prosperous, but it’s a little run-down. I asked curiously, "Where are we going to pick up girls?" A bar? Ballroom? Or a nightclub? "
I’d rather not shake my head. "What’s the point of those mixed fish and dragons? I’m going to take you to a very interesting place called the Golden Cave."
"Selling gold caves?" Trail "how come I’ve never heard of it? I remember there are no entertainment places in this area except residential houses."
I would rather laugh with a sense of superiority. "There are many interesting things in this small city that are out of the sight of most people. When you have a certain qualification, you can see another completely different world."
"Don’t say it so beautifully." I’m not to be outdone. "It’s just a senior red light district."
"No, no, of course, it’s not the red light district." I would rather patiently explain that "although there are many girls who sell themselves to earn money, they simply go to have fun and sell more gold caves. If you spend money to play with women, it’s not only a wave, but also a rare opportunity. Others will look down on the gold caves you sell. Although the beauty is like a cloud, they usually accompany guests to eat, drink and take them to their rooms."
"Oh, what should I do?" Small question
"It’s very simple," I’d rather say, "It’s a real way to show a man’s success to pick up girls who come out for fun without spending a penny. It’s meaningless if you spend money."
"Really? Do you want a bed?" The little bitter face said, "I am not interested in you."
"No bed" would rather say, "We’re just competing, as long as she doesn’t seem to mind sleeping with you."
The car stopped in front of a dilapidated house, and two migrant workers dressed up at the door would rather nod their heads and stretch out their hands with numbness.
"Is this really a golden cave?" Xiaoshi couldn’t help it. "Why do I look like a digger?"
"To come is to work" would rather say with smile "Selling gold grottoes is the most famous entertainment city in S city"
As he spoke, he handed over a beautifully decorated card. The migrant workers at the door touched it with their fingers and didn’t see how to check it. They gave it back to Ning. "Welcome to the Golden Cave!"
I’d rather take the card with my hands disguised, and nod to the two men, and then I went in with a small one.
"Hey, what just happened?" Trail "What is that card for? Is it a membership card?"
"Of course, can anyone come here?" I’d rather be a little proud. "There are no more than 200 membership cards issued in the whole city of S, and most members are limited to enter three times a month, but my membership card is VIP level and can come in ten times a month."
"But … how do they judge whether the membership card is true or not?" Xiao continued to ask, "I just saw that he touched the card. Is that enough? I think we have to get a test device. "
I’d rather see Xiao suddenly asked, "Do you know who those two are at the door?"